April 6th, 2010

More Pics

February 17th, 2010

Few more pics

February 16th, 2010

Here are a few more picture I have randomly taken in the past few days.  I think Anna looks a lot like Abby did as an infant. The have the same coloring, nose, lips, eyes (they are a deep blue like Abby’s), and their hair is the same texture, but Anna’s is a little lighter than Abby’s was.  Anna has a little chin dimple like her daddy.  Abby is loving having Anna home and she is still playing non-stop.  -Em

Anna Lea Graves 2-13-2010

February 16th, 2010

Saturday Feb. 13, 2010
The roads are extremely icy due to a snow storm that came through the night before. 

6:50am – Emily wakes me saying “I am having contractions, but don’t freak out.”  I immediately got up and started to panic but Emily insisted that things were fine and I should not worry.  She said that if she was still having contractions at 8:00am, she would call the Dr. and let them know.

8:15am - I insisted that Emily call the Dr. and let them know she was having contractions 3-5 minutes apart.  She also mentioned that the contractions were not terribly painful so the Dr. on call said for us to wait until the roads cleared and then come to the hospital.   

8:25am – Caleb calls to check on us and I talked to him for about 2 minutes and as Emily is putting something back into the pantry she says “My water just broke”.  I immediately hung up with Caleb and I was in full panic mode and didn’t know what to do.  Emily says it is time to call Bonnie and ask her to come get Abby so we can head to the hospital. 

8:35am – Aaron arrives to get Abby and the only words I was able to say was Thank You.  (As a side note, after Aaron dropped Abby off at his and Bonnie’s house, he went to the grocery store for a few things and had a small wreck when he slid into another car on the slick road).

8:40am – Emily puts in a load of laundry.  In my nicest voice, I say “Emily, I would prefer it if you didn’t do any more laundry before we go have a baby”.  She says ok and we head over to Northside Hospital.

9:30am – Emily refuses to let me drop her off at the patient entrance.  We had to park in the garage and walk in the freezing cold to get into the hospital.  We had to stop three times before we made it indoors so Emily could have a contraction. 

10:00am – We finally make it into the labor and delivery room and the nurse checks Emily and she is dialated to 7. She asks Emily if she wants an epidural.  Since Emily’s contractions were not too painful she says that she doesn’t really know and the nurse says, “No rush, you can wait until you are fully dialated if you want.” 

10:25am – Emily continues to fill out the paperwork while pausing to have contractions.  They also take blood so they can make sure she is even able to have an epidural.

10:45am – The nurse leaves the room and Emily tells me, I want that epidural now.  By now, she is having really hard contractions and is in obvious pain. 

10:55am – Bloodwork is complete and the anesthesiologist is paged and we are told he is only 15 minutes away. 

11:10am – Emily is watching the clock and says, “It has been 15 minutes where is this guy”.  She sends me out to the nurses station to find out the status of the epidural and they tell me he is on his way.

11:20am – The anesthesiologist arrives.  As Emily is sitting up getting prepared for the epidural, she screams, “I feel pressure, I want to push”.   While the anesthesiologist is still preparing, the nurses check Emily again and she is fully dialated.  They page the Dr. on call.

11:22am – The Dr. comes into the room and we have to tell the anesthesiologist that he was too late and we no longer needed him. 

11:25am – After two more contractions and 5 pushes, Anna arrives and looks great.  Everyone in the room is completely in shock because this happened so fast.  The Dr. said he was about to go home and get some lunch and come back for the delivery a little later.

We are happy that this happened so fast because Anna was healthy and Emily was able to start walking around an hour later.  Delivery went so well we were able to come home 24 hours later!

Side note: Abby loves her new baby sister!


Abby playing in the snow

February 12th, 2010

We actually got some snow in Atlanta! Chad came home from work early to play with Abby in the snow and they had a great time.  Abby loved to run, throw, and eat the snow.  Our dog Sammy had a great time too! Abby tried to catch a snowflake on her tongue, it was pretty cute and Chad, at 31 years old, made his first snowman.  After fighting Abby to come back inside, we made snow cream (dairy-free for Abby of course, made with soy milk).  We had  a great afternoon in the snow! -Em


Abby’s 2nd Birthday

January 20th, 2010

Abby turned two on January 16th so we had a little party for her.  She had lots of friends and cousins over to celebrate.  She had a wonderful time and got lots of great gifts to play with.  Thanks to everyone for making her birthday a great day! -Em